Enjoy 36 oysters at home (U.P. $129.50) for only $99 incl. FREE delivery:
33 pcs of Sweetheart Pacific oysters
3 pcs of Rockstar Tropical oysters

Complementary oyster knife (basic) for first time orders!

The oysters are delivered live in the shell for maximum freshness. They are packed in a cooler bag with ice packs. Upon receipt you can put the entire bag in the fridge (bag left open). Should you want to leave them overnight in the fridge, you may want to take out one or 2 of the ice packs. Because when it’s too cold, the oysters will open up (still alive).

If you can’t finish all the oysters, fret not. Keep the remainder in the cooler bag (flat shells facing up). Cover with a piece of newspaper or damp cloth and put the ice-pack on top. Place the entire bag into the fridge (bag open, to let cold air in). The ideal temperature is 4-5 degrees Celsius. This way, they will keep fresh for another day. Eat while fresh!



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