Live oysters at their best! - farmed in Singapore

Few things are more annoying than oysters that aren’t fresh. You can tell from the moment you put one in your hand. The oyster feels light. Once the shell is opened, you gaze upon a greyish, lacklustre animal with a shrivelled mantle clinging to the inner surface of the shell. You crinkle your nose because you pick up a slightly fishy odour. It sets off the primordial part of human brains, making you rethink the decision to put that oyster in your mouth. Well, you don’t need to ask twice. It’s a resounding “NO” for people who truly know what to compare with.

Warning! Live oysters only

A fresh oyster holds abundant liquor from the specific terroir it is from. That’s why a fresh oyster always feels heavy. The bright oyster meat is moist and plump with a glossy tan. Its mantle royally drapes across its shiny shell. The fresh ocean smell transports you to an idyllic, deserted island with pristine beaches and perfect sunsets. You can almost feel a gentle sea breeze lightly brushing your hair. Finally, the oyster may taste creamy or more crunchy; nutty, fruity, earthy, or metallic; sweet or briny. You shouldn’t need any condiments to appreciate a fresh oyster, but if preferred, add a few drops of lemon juice or pepper sauce for a more acidic or spicy taste profile.

Singapore’s oyster farm

Ask any oyster lover and he/she will tell you that the best oysters are grown locally. Simply for the fact that a local farm guarantees freshness. Today is your lucky day! Sea Farmers @ Ubin grow oysters right here in sunny Singapore. It takes just a few hours to get the oysters from our farm to your table. Therefore, it will be hard for any imported oyster to beat on freshness!

Adopting an off-bottom culture, each and every oyster is individually attended to on a daily basis. That’s a more decadent life than free ranging cattle! Our oysters are well-appreciated by connoisseurs and easy to eat for beginners. Try all the varieties to find out your preference!

We offer island-wide delivery. The oysters are delivered live in the shell. But not to worry, we teach every customer how to shuck live oysters. Be reminded to place your order at least 3 days in advance.



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