FAQ about Singapore oysters

Frequently Asked Questions

Can oysters grow in Singapore?

Oysters grow in many places in the world. There are many different species that each have their individual habitat preferences. Pacific oysters are originally from Japan, but due to their strudiness and adaptability to a variety of climates, they are the most widely farmed oyster species.  In our farm we grow Pacific oysters and a local species. So long as the water conditions are right and there is enough food for them, thoysters  will grow.

Can Singapore oysters be eaten raw?

Yes, the oysters are depurated before we send them to you. So that you can be rest assured when you eat them raw. Learn more about food safety.

Why are Singapore oysters the best oysters in Singapore?

The taste of oysters is determined by the species, the terroir (characteristics of the growing site), and the farming method. The unque taste profile of Singapore oysters can roughly be described as sweet, not too briny, nutty, crunchy. And needless to say, they are as fresh as you can get!

How do I order the oysters?

We only harvest the oysters upon order confirmation. After which the oysters are depurated to ensure safe saw consumption. This process takes a few days to complete. Customers should place order at least 3 days in advance. You can order directly via our online store. Kindly note the available delivery dates and timing.

How do I know if the oysters are fresh?

Follow your senses!
Look 👀: the oyster should be tightly closed. When you open it, the oyster should be full of water. A fresh oyster looks bright.
Feel🖐🏻: put an oyster in your hand. It should feel heavy due to the meat but also the weight of the liquor, i.e. the seawater, contained in the oyster shell.
Smell👃🏻: smell the oyster and you only smell the sea and nothing else but the sea
Taste 👅: taste the freshness of the sea, but nothing fishy.

How long can I keep the oysters fresh?

We recommend that you consume them on the day itself, simply because the best way to enjoy oysters is to eat them while they are fresh. But if you need to keep them for another day, that is absolutely fine. However, oysters loose moisture when refrigerated.  It is not recommended to keep them for too long.

How do I keep the oysters fresh?

The oysters are delivered in a cooler bag. Place the entire bag including ice packs in the fridge. NOT THE FREEZER! If they oysters are to spend one night in the fridge, remember to remove 1 or 2 icepacks to prevent the oyster from gaping when it'gets too cold. See also this video.

Are the oysters shucked?

For maximum freshness, we deliver the oysters "live and kicking" in their shells. We insist on delivering them un-shucked for the simple reason that shucked oysters are no longer fresh. But not to worry! We teach every customer how to shuck. Learn how to shuck oysters. Click here for a video tutorial.

Do I need to clean the oysters before eating them?

Although the oysters are cleaned, we recommend that you run them under the tap before shucking them. The oysters can be eaten straight from the shell including the water inside the oyster.

Can I drink the water in the oyster?

Yes, the water is depurated seawater. It is safe to drink it.

What do I need to prepare for an oyster party?

A lot of ice.
Oyster knife/knives.
Towel to stabilize the oyster and protect your hand.
Lemons/Tabasco sauce/ any other sauces you may fancy (the oysters taste great 'au naturel' too!)
Display tray/ bowl.
White wine (optional)
A bunch of family and friends to share the goodness!


Which wine goes best with oysters?

Oysters are best when paired with white wine with a higher acidity, e.g. Sauvignon Blanc.