Food safety

Food Safety Singapore-grown Fresh Oysters

When it comes to food, people in Singapore are spoilt for choice  But how do you know that what you are eating is safe? Is it safe to eat raw oysters in Singapore? We take every measurement to ensure safe consumption of raw oysters.


Have you ever eaten live oysters straight from the sea? I bet you thought it was safe to eat raw oysters in Australia or France where the water is clean and the climate is cooler. Did you know that even the most pristine waters can contain nasty bacteria and viruses that can make you really sick?
On our farm, we make a conscious effort to thoroughly clean the oysters outside but also from the inside. Upon order confirmation the oysters are harvested and the depuration process is started. This depuration process is run for a few consecutive days . We depurate all the  oysters before sending them to the customer. Rest assured, you are only slurping down nothing else than all oyster goodness!
So the next time you order live oysters, you may just want to check if any depuration was done on the raw oysters. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Singapore Food Agency (SFA)

Having our farm in Singapore means that we are included in the food safety surveillance programme of the Singapore Food Agency (SFA). Our live oysters are tested for bacteria, heavy metals and viruses on a regular basis. So just that you can be rest assured, it's nothing more than pure oyster goodness you're slurping down 🙂