Welcome the year of the dragon with a specially curated selection of the finest oysters in town! You will love the plumpness for all cooking styles (incl. steamboat, BBQ, steamed).
Alternatively, savour their natural glory and abundance “au naturel”. Either way, you won’t regret having some “Dragon Peals” adorning your reunion dinner table.

This time, we upgrade the knife with one that has a sharp blade. With that in hand, even a novice can open each oyster with utter ease and confidence!

This promotion is limited to CNY24 or until out of stock.

IMPORTANT: Order 3 days in advance!

P.S.: the oysters remain fresh when kept in the fridge for 3 days
P.P.S: the oysters are easier to shuck after spending some time in the fridge

“Sweetheart”: Because harvested at this size, it is at its sweetest! All the delicate flavours are contained and concentrated in a dainty plump and juicy oyster. Weighing ~75g a piece.

“Romeo”: Romeo is a meaty, masculine, and wonderfully briny-sweet oyster. A timeless favourite! Weighing ~100g a piece.


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