Oyster Shucker 101

Step-by-Step Oyster Shucking Guide

You don't need to be a professional oyster shucker to open some oysters. Learn it from the pro! Our farm hero, Mr. Lek, will show you how. Follow the crash course below and start showing off your skills! 

Step 1: Put on a pair of gloves or use a folded cloth to protect your hands from the sharp edges of the oyster shell. Place the oyster with flat shell facing up, with the pointed side pointed to the shucker. The muscle that is holding the shells together is located on the right side. You may want to scrape off a bit of the shell in order to find the hem.


Step 2: Force the point of an oyster knife between the two shells by using a wiggle-push motion. 

Step 3: Run the knife along the top of the flat shell, twisting it slightly, until you reach the abductor muscle that attaches to the shell.

Step 4: Severe the abductor muscle and lift off the top shell.

Step 5: Run your knife one more time underneath the oyster to liberate the oyster from the lower shell.

Step 6:  Remove any fragments of shell from the oyster flesh, but be careful to not spill the liquor. Remember, practice makes perfect. Now, get some oysters and hone your skills!