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The Fresh Oyster Story

Oysters are known as a delicacy which is consumed in many different ways. Whereas in China, oysters are often dried, steamed or concocted in a flavourful oyster sauce, eating raw fresh oysters is popularized in the west. As with all seafood, regardless of the eating method, for the best taste the oysters ought to be fresh.
Sea Farmers @ Ubin is Singapore’s own oyster We specialize in growing premium Pacific oysters. Every farmer knows that a lot of TLC goes in to growing anything. Therefore, we take great care in cultivating the oysters. Adopting an off-bottom culture, each and every oyster is individually attended to on a daily basis. Our oysters are well-appreciated by connoisseurs and easy to eat for beginners. Try all the varieties to find out your preference!
With our farm in Singapore, you are guaranteed of the freshest live oysters in town! Delivered to you from farm to table on the same day!
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